Volvo unveils EX90, its first purpose-built EV

Volvo has previously announced plans to become an all-electric automaker by 2030. Despite the goal Volvo only has two electric vehicles in its lineup, the C40 and XC40, both of which are designed off internal combustion engine (ICE) platforms.

That changed today with the unveiling of Volvo’s first purpose-built EV, the EX90.

The EX90 is the successor to the XC90, and will usher in Volvo’s new EV architecture. At launch the EX90 will feature a dual-motor all-wheel drive powertrain with 402 horsepower and 568 lb-ft of torque, that will allow it to reach 60mph in an estimated 5.7 seconds.

There will also be a Performance model that increases the specs to 496 horsepower and 671 lb-ft of torque, lowering the 0-60mph time to 4.7 seconds.

On the battery side the EX90 will feature a 111kWh (107kWh usable) pack giving it a targeted range of up to 373 miles (600km). Charging the battery will be quick, going from 10% to 80% in about 30 minutes using a 250kWh charger.

For convenience, the EX90 will be equipped with plug-and-charge technology for automatic payments at charging stations.

The EX90 will also feature bi-directional charging capability, meaning you’ll be able to use the large 107kWh battery to power your house, accessories, or possibly another EV. Additional hardware will be required to use the feature however, the details of which were not announced.

Continuing with their focus on safety, Volvo says the EX90 is “safer than any Volvo car to come before it.” This increased level of safety comes in the form of eight cameras, give radars, 16 ultrasonic sensors, and LiDAR mounted on the roof of the electric SUV.

Volvo’s Pilot Assist system will also be included, which features automated lane change and lane centering technology.

There is also in-car radar to detect a child or pet left in the vehicle.

For North America the EX90 will be built in Ridgeville, South Carolina, the same facility where the Polestar 3 will be built.

It will still be a while until we see it on the roads however. Pre-orders will open in the fall of 2023, and it is not expected to arrive at dealerships until early 2024.

As those dates get closer Volvo will announce the final specs for the EX90, along with its pricing, which Volvo says will come in under $80,000 USD (~$107,00 CAD) for a “well equipped” model.

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