Tesla updates Model 3 taillights in North America to add amber turn signals and more

Tesla has updated the taillight design of the Model 3 Performance, more than two years after making the same changes to the Model Y. The new design introduces several subtle but important updates that improves the overall safety of the vehicle.

Unfortunately the change only impacts the Model 3 Performance built at Fremont after October 24, 2022, according to an internal email obtained by Drive Tesla.

There was no mention if the change will make its way to the other Model 3 variants, but as with other changes we fully expect this to happen in the future.

The biggest and most important update is to the turn signal. Until now the turn signal in the Model 3 taillights was red, the same colour as the brake lights. With the updated design the turn signal is now amber, making it much clearer to nearby motorists that you are planning on turning.

Studies have shown there is up to a 28% decrease in the likelihood of a collision with amber turn signals.

Along with the turn signals, Tesla says the outer C-shaped portion of the taillights now illuminates brighter when braking. This happens with you apply the brakes manually, when a driver-assist feature applies the brakes for you, or when regenerative braking slows you down.

One final change is that the red portion of the taillights is a brighter shade of red when the taillights are off.

These changes were implemented in the Model Y in August 2020.

If you have recently taken delivery of a Model 3 Performance with the new taillights, let us know the comments below.

You can watch this video showing off these new changes on this Model 3 Performance delivered in Fort Worth, Texas this week.

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