Volvo sold almost 50,000 plug-in cars in Q1 2022 but overall down 20 per cent

Volvo XC40

InsideEV got access to Volvo ‘s sales numbers for Q1, and the company continues to face significant challenges with its supply chain.

Overall, the company is down 20 per cent in vehicle sales in year-over-year sales. By all indications, this will not change in Q2.

According to the company:

“During the first quarter, the number of cars sold increased gradually to a total of 148,295 cars as the supply chain constraints affecting Volvo Cars and the auto industry continued to slowly ease. However, due to a disturbance related to lack of a specific semi-conductor, Volvo Cars is now experiencing a temporary deviation from that trend which is expected to impact production during the second quarter.”

However, Volvo Recharge, Volvo’s EV sub-brand, saw an increase in sales, but not as much as many expected. Evidently, the semi-conductor shortage may have nipped production on the EV side even more.

In Q1, Volvo Recharge sold 49,774 plug-in cars, a 7 per cent increase year-over-year.

The exact breakdown is:

Battery electric vehicles: 11,721 units, 7.9 per cent share of overall car sales. This is up 224 per cent year over year sales.

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles: 38,053 units sold, representing 25.7 per cent of overall Volvo sales. This is down 11 per cent in year over year sales.

An interesting thing to note is that plug-in hybrid sales are down for the third consecutive month for Volvo.

You can check out the detailed Q1 results for Volvo recharge down below.

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