Volvo to install up to 60 DC fast chargers at Starbucks locations between Seattle and Denver

Volvo has announced they have entered into a partnership with Starbucks to conduct a pilot program on the viability of installing electric vehicle (EV) chargers at the coffee giant’s locations across the United States.

The pilot program will see up to 60 DC fast chargers installed along a 1,350 mile route between Seattle, Washington and Denver, Colorado.

Up to fifteen Starbucks locations will participate in the program, with the installation of the first chargers starting this summer.

starbucks volvo map

The two companies will monitor the usage of the chargers to see if there is enough demand to expand beyond this initial pilot program.

The EV chargers will feature the Volvo brand, and will be set up and available to all EV owners with a ChargePoint account.

If you are a Volvo owner, you can access the charges for free, or a discounted rate.

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