First Tesla Supercharger in Manitoba opens in Portage la Prairie

On the heels of the opening of four Tesla V3 Superchargers in northern Ontario yesterday, another new Supercharger has now opened, a first for Manitoba.

Tesla owners in Portage la Prairie can now Supercharger their vehicles at one of the six V3 Superchargers at 2100 Saskatchewan Ave W, in the parking lot of the Sobeys store. V3 Superchargers have a peak power output of 250kW, meaning recharge speeds of up to 1,600km/hr. TMC member Aceboogie posted this picture of his white Model 3 charging at the newly opened location.

Tesla Supercharger Portage la Prairie Manitoba

There are still a number of Superchargers in central Canada that have completed construction as you can see in the map below, and are just waiting for the switch to be turned on. With these 5 Superchargers opening, we can expect even more to open before Christmas.

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