Volkswagen Sticks with Plan to Launch 25 EV Models in North America by 2030 Amid Industry Pullback

Volkswagen has reaffirmed its plan to launch 25 electric vehicle (EV) models in North America by 2030, as other legacy automakers, like Ford and General Motors, pull back and delay their electrification plans.

In an interview with Reuters this week, Pablo Di Si, the head of Volkswagen’s North American operations, highlighted the company’s focus on expanding its EV lineup. The German automaker’s strategy includes a diverse range of upcoming models tailored to the North American market.

This year, the company plans to launch the ID.Buzz electric minibus and the ID.7 sedan. While these models are not expected to contribute significantly to sales volumes immediately, they are part of a broader effort to cater to various consumer preferences and segments.

Recognizing the dominance of SUVs in the U.S. market, Volkswagen is also developing midsize and larger electric SUVs, aiming to capture a 10% market share across all its group brands by 2030.

One of the challenges facing Volkswagen, and the wider EV market is the need for robust charging infrastructure and continued government support, particularly in regions outside major urban centers. This has been partly overcome by agreeing to adopt Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) on its future EVs

Volkswagen’s commitment is also evident in its investment in technology and infrastructure, including efforts to secure a reliable supply of batteries and raw materials. The company’s North American EV strategy saw a slow start with the launch of the ID.4 electric SUV. However, sales of the ID.4 in the U.S. showed promising growth last year, positioning Volkswagen to leverage revamped versions of this model with longer driving ranges, improved infotainment systems, and eligibility for U.S. tax credits.

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