Volkswagen considering increasing ID Buzz production following massive pre-orders

Volkswagen ID. Buzz and ID. Buzz Cargo
Martin Meiners

Volkswagen reached far back into its history to create the new ID Buzz. It appears the appeal to nostalgia is paying off as the German automaker is swamped with pre-orders for the EV.

The company is now considering increasing the production of the mini-van.

Volkswagen ID. Buzz named best electric car of the year.

CEO Carsten Intra confirmed his company had received 12,500 pre-orders in a statement to Automobilwoche. He mentioned that almost half of the pre-orders were for the utility-focused Cargo variant.

Carsten revealed delivery has now reached March/April 2023. Volkswagen will build about 15,000 units in 2022, but the first 6,000 will go to showrooms.

The first customers will get their vans around November.

Norway contributed the largest share of the pre-orders, with 3,700. Volkswagen’s local market comes second with 2,700 units. The Netherlands and Belgium ordered 1,200 and 1,000, respectively.

Volkswagen is producing about 100 units of the ID Buzz per day. This is expected to ramp up to 200 per day before the end of the year.

The target is 130,000 units per year, but by that time, it would have entered more markets, including the US and China.

The ID Buzz will start at €54,430 in Germany.

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