Rivian shares peek inside mobile service vans and trucks [Video]

As Rivian delivers more new R1T and R1S electric vehicles (EVs) to buyers, an important part of the customer experience is service. Today Rivian shared a look inside their mobile service fleet that will be able to provide service to owners at the homes or out on the road.

In a video shared by CEO RJ Scaringe, we get to see their Rivian EDV (electric delivery van) that is currently being used by Amazon has been converted for use a mobile service van by Rivian technicians.

We also get to see how they are using the R1T electric truck as a mobile service vehicle.

Rivian Service Van

Unlike the Amazon vans, the Rivian mobile service van is painted in a fresh white colour. According to the video they were developed in close partnership with Rivian technicians, allowing them to build it in a way that best suits their needs.

According to Phil, who gives the tour of the service van, the most commonly used tools are stored up front in the cab.

The large area at the rear of the van is used to store the rest of the tools, along with some specialized equipment, even including equipment to replace tires out on the road.

There is also a crane that allows the technicians to lift heavy equipment, like the tire equipment, in and out of the vehicle. The crane also allows Rivian to move the equipment within the van to reconfigure it for any changes in service.

Ergonomics was also taken into consideration when developing the mobile service van with a rotating arm to store the jack and in-floor storage for heavy items that can be easily reached when standing outside the van.

Rivian Service Truck

Rivian will also be using the R1T electric pickup trucks as mobile service vehicles.

The R1T’s multi-purpose gear tunnel is used to store a jack and jack stand, while the rear seats are used to store the tools needed for technicians to complete more common and routine repairs on the road.

Rivian has yet to officially deliver any vehicles in Canada, but it is getting close to achieving that milestone. The company has started hiring for its first service center in Vancouver, and is also currently looking for someone to help customers with new vehicle registrations.

You can check out the full video below.

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