Volkswagen accelerates transition to electric vehicle lineup

Volkswagen has announced it plans to accelerate their shift to electric vehicles, hoping to have them make up the majority of their sales by 2030.

The German automaker said on Friday it expects fully electric vehicles to make up 70% of its total sales in Europe by 2030. That is double the previous target of 35%.

Calling it their “Accelerate Strategy”, VW also plans to have 50% of their sales be electric in the US and China by 2030.

“With Accelerate we are increasing the speed on our path to a digital future. In the coming years, we will change Volkswagen as never before,” said VW CEO Ralf Brandstätter.

Part of the strategy includes a shift to develop vehicle software in-house, a move that will help it reap the benefits of data-based business models.

“If you place that into the hands of a third party you can no longer develop these business models yourself,”Brandstätter said.

The automaker is confident in its strategy, saying they will become the global leader in electric vehicle production.

“Of all the major manufacturers, Volkswagen has the best chance of winning the race. While competitors are still in the middle of the electric transformation, we are taking big steps toward digital transformation,”Brandstätter said.

What do you think, are VWs goals enough? Will they become the leader in electric vehicle sales? Let us know in the comments below.

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