Prince George EV drivers supported Victoria EV Associations efforts for a zero emission future

Earlier this week the Victoria Electric Vehicle Association planned a clean air rally around the B.C. Legislature.

The event was well attended, with close to 100 electric and zero emission vehicles encircling the Legislature buildings on Monday.

To show their support, EV drivers in Prince George held their own rally, with Doug Beckett, the founder of the Prince George Electric Vehicle Association leading the way.

We can’t have the north forgotten,” Beckett told, “We have the same barriers in the north so we wanted to make sure it was recognized there are EVs up here.

The clean air rally was planned in part to push the B.C. Government to change its target for 100% zero emission new car sales from 2040 to 2035.

It was also put on to push for “right to charge” legislation, which would give EV owners in strata buildings stronger rights for access to EV infrastructure. It would also make BC municipalities require EV infrastructure outlets at the time of new building construction.

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