Seaspan to fully equip its containership fleet with SpaceX Starlink

Seaspan has announced a partnership with SpaceX to become the first major containerships owner and operator to fully equip its fleet with Starlink.

The collaboration between Seaspan and SpaceX Starlink began in early 2021, with Seaspan being an early adopter of the maritime flat panel antenna mount kit. After confirming that the technology met the unique needs of containership marine operations, Seaspan conducted a successful trial period throughout 2022 and has now proceeded to integrate this advanced technology across its entire fleet.

The decision to implement Starlink technology throughout Seaspan’s entire fleet was greatly influenced by the positive feedback received from the initial deployments. Starlink’s capabilities provide those on board with virtually unrestricted bandwidth, a significant change from the previous satellite internet offerings.

“Crew feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Integrating this technology is a core foundational pillar of our Digital Strategy. Seaspan’s adoption of Starlink showcases its forward-thinking approach to maritime operations, illustrating how cutting-edge technology can be leveraged to enhance communications and operations at sea in a cost-efficient manner,” said Chris Sepp, Vice President of Information Technology at Seaspan.

SpaceX is quickly taking over the maritime industry with Starlink. The company has already secured deals with almost all major cruise line operators, as well as numerous smaller boutique cruise lines to provide low-latency, high speed internet to cruise passengers. The service has been living up to the hype when it comes to speed and reliability, with all reviews of Starlink in maritime use applications being positive.

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