Tesla updates Cybertruck reservation page

If the multiple Cybertruck sightings or the Cybertruck powered tailgate patent or the castings piling up outside Giga Texas weren’t enough of a sign that production is very near, Tesla has now updated the Cybertruck reservation page for some customers.

The update was first spotted yesterday by several Cybertruck reservation holders. While the image of the Cybertruck hasn’t changed and is still showing the original prototype, the layout of the page has changed and new information has been added.

Among that new information is a section for a trade-in estimate, as well as documents and information on accepting delivery, all very good signs that production is closer than many people might think. The update appears to have only impacted customers in the US, as our Cybertruck reservation is still showing the original page, and other Canadian reservation holders have reported the same.

Here is the original page (left) and the new updated page (right).

The one big piece that hasn’t been updated is the ability to complete your Cybertruck configuration. Some reservation holders might still see their original configuration (single motor, dual motor, tri motor), but Tesla later removed those configurations, and we still don’t know for sure what trim levels the Cybertruck will be offered in.

Has your Cybertruck account page been updated? Do you live in the US or Canada? Let us know in the comments below.

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