Vegas Loop targets 90,000 passengers per hour for full loop

The Boring Company has updated its official website with an interesting factoid. Per the site, the Vegas Loop, once it completes its recently approved expansion, will be able to handle more than 90,000 passengers per hour.

Here is the exact wording on the site, spotted by Teslarati:

The Vegas Loop will provide fast and convenient transportation to the Las Vegas community, its visitors, and beyond. The Vegas Loop will include the LVCC Loop and any future service extensions, including those to casinos along the Strip, Harry Reid International Airport, Allegiant Stadium, downtown Las Vegas, and eventually to Los Angeles. Once complete, the Vegas Loop will transport more than 90,000 passengers per hour.

In addition to this update, the site includes some sample times and fares for the Vegas Loop. If you are looking to travel from downtown Las Vegas to Harry Reid International Airport, it will take 8 minutes and cost $12. While if you are looking to travel from Harry Reid International Airport to Allegiant Stadium, it will take three minutes and cost $4.

At least to say, this pricing is attractive and will be beating out cab prices from the get-go. The Boring Company got approval earlier this month to expand the loop, but it remains unclear when the full 69-station network will open.

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