SpaceX will join FAA in an environmental lawsuit.

SpaceX is set to join the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as co-defendants in a lawsuit over the first Starship launch.

In a motion on Friday, SpaceX requested that the Judge on the suit allow SpaceX to join the FAA as a defendant. In the motion, SpaceX argued that the FAA did not have the same economic interest in the case and that the government agency could not represent the company’s interest. (via CNBC)

The plaintiffs did not oppose the motion by SpaceX.

The lawsuit alleges that the FAA should have conducted a more in-depth environmental study on the impacts of the launch centre. It also alleges that the mitigations in the approval did not go far enough to protect endangered species, their habitat and local indigenous populations’ way of life.

The lawsuit does pose a significant risk to SpaceX, as the company has invested billions in its Starbase facility and plans to invest more. Starbase is planned to be the home of Starship and will see numerous launches in the future.

A hearing date has not been set for the case.

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