The Boring Company receives approval to expand Vegas Loop

The Boring Company has received approval to expand its Vegas Loop in Las Vegas. Clark County commissioners have given the green light to expand the network by 25 miles (40km), which will extend the underground tunnel system to 65 miles (105km) with 18 new stations.

Initially, the project was planned to have 29 miles (47km) of tunnels with 51 stations, with the Vegas Loop currently running for about 2.2 miles (3.5km) with five stops along the way. There are also two more currently under construction.

The project’s expansion, which we first reported on back in March, “will increase connectivity and convenience to visitors within the Resort Corridor and surrounding establishments” and “encourage pursuing a variety of strategies to reduce reliance on private automobile travel, with the goal of reducing fossil fuel consumption and associated pollutant emissions from vehicles,” according to documents filed with the county. (via KNTV)

The Boring Company recently celebrated their 1 millionth passenger on the Vegas Loop in March. The tunnel system cost $47 million to construct and began transporting passengers in June 2021. Capacity tests show it can handle up to 4,431 passengers per hour.

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