Vancouver approves $10,000 annual fee for gas stations and parking lots that don’t install EV chargers

EV charge point

At a meeting on Thursday Vancouver city council approved a new $10,000 annual fee for all gas stations and commercial parking lots that don’t install electric vehicle (EV) chargers by January 2025.

In order to comply with the new rule, gas stations will have to install at least one DC fast charger with a minimum charging speed of 50kW.

Parking lots and parkades would only need to install four Level 2 chargers in order to meet the guidelines.

According to a city staff report supporting the initiative, it will cost about $135,000 for a gas station to install a DC fast charger. The report also estimated it would cost on average $100,000 for the minimum 4 stall Level 2 charger.

If they do, they will only have to pay the typical $163 or $263 annual business license fee for parking lots and gas stations respectively.

If they don’t, it could turn in to a lucrative new cash flow for the city. There are currently 66 gas stations and 366 commercial parking lots across Vancouver that would fall under the new rule, according to the city.

The initiative will help the city reach its climate emergency action plan to cut emissions to 50% of 2007 levels and have zero-emission vehicles make up 50% of all kilometers driven on Vancouver streets by 2030.

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