Unique voice command reboots Tesla computers in Taiwan, fix coming soon

Tesla owners in Taiwan have discovered a voice command with a rather unique combination of words that results in the car’s navigation system rebooting.

The bug has been reported by multiple owners, with videos being shared on social media showing to the display turn black after saying a 7-word voice command.

The seven words are “Take me to the braised earthen fish soup on Kaiyuan Road” in Chinese. Some believe the spontaneous reboot could be a result of the voice command sounding like “kindly root to boot again” in English, reports Taiwan News.

Tesla in Taiwan has responded to the software bug after it was reported in local media. The automaker says a fix for the bug has already been developed, and will be released in a software update soon.

The company also noted the bug poses no safety risk while driving.

Taiwanese entertainer and rally racer Jimmy Lin shared this video on Instagram of the bug in action.

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