Lordstown Motors Have Already Pre-Sold 100,000 Electric Pickup Trucks

Across the United States, Lordstown Motors Corp. has pre-sold 100,000 fully electric pickup trucks.

“Our initial foray is into fleets, and we have pre-sold 100,000 of these vehicles to various fleets across America — really a big appetite,” said Steve Burns, founder and CEO of Lordstown Motors..

Named the Endurance, it can reach nearly 250 miles of range on a single charge. Starting at $52,000, this EV’s main selling point is that each wheel has its own motor. Powered by four electric hub motors, each wheel will receive varying amounts of torque, which allows the truck to haul heavier loads.

“You’ve got a fleet using a 17-mile per gallon pickup truck for the last 30 years and we come out with one that gets the equivalent of 75 miles per gallon. There is a lot of demand and excitement about it,” says Burns.

The Endurance will be the first electric pickup truck on the market, with productions beginning in September 2021. However, metal stamping and welding have already begun, which will be used for testing.

It will be the newest entry in Lordstown Motor’s impressive developments. It will also have a significant headstart in the market. Ford, its biggest competitor, won’t be manufacturing its electric F150 pickup until 2022.

The trucks will be made in a former GM plant in Lordstown, Ohio, which was purchased in 2019. The plant’s goal is to make 20,000 units for its first year, but it projects that it will ultimately produce 600,000 units.

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