Two Optimus robots go to work in Tesla’s factory

Tesla has been testing its Optimus robot in-house. Two of the humanoid innovations have been put to work in the EV maker’s factory, handling tasks autonomously, according to a post made by the company on X (formerly Twitter).

The update on the Optimus robot was the last on the long list of Tesla’s major achievements from 2018 to 2024, as the company prepares for a shareholders’ vote on its CEO’s $56 billion compensation package which was voided by a Delaware court in January.

Earlier in April, company boss Elon Musk said Optimus development this year would reach the stage where the robots would be capable of completing factory tasks on their own. Tesla could also open another revenue stream in 2025 by selling the robots to other companies.

Musk added that Optimus is a big deal within Tesla since they could unlock a significant expansion of the economy once they become sentient enough.

Tesla has teased videos of the Optimus robots carrying out different functions, including sorting battery cells and even delicately scooping up eggs.

However, Tesla did not reveal the tasks carried out by its two-legged robot or where exactly they are working. The company has several factories in the US alone, with two others in China and Germany.

The Optimus is based, in part, on Tesla’s existing technologies, especially Autopilot, which allows it to navigate autonomously.

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