Toyota teases electric SUV based on new e-TNGA platform

Toyota is finally getting ready to step into the all-electric vehicle market as it has announced plans for an electric SUV based on a new platform.

The Japanese automaker has so far been hesitant to seriously invest in battery electric cars, instead focusing their efforts on hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell technology. That focus appears to be shifting as the company has developed a new e-TNGA electric platform.


Toyota says the new platform architecture features a number of fixed elements, while others can vary. This flexibility will allow them to use the platform on a variety of different vehicle types, reducing the amount of time needed for development.


While they only revealed a stylized silhouette of the new vehicle, Toyota says the first e-TNGA-based model has already been developed and is being readied for production. The new electric SUV will be built at the company’s ZEV factory in Japan.

It appears the new vehicle will be limited to the European market as the press release was only published on Toyota’s UK website.

A full preview of the new EV will take place “in the coming months.”

Toyota to Preview All-new Battery Electric SUV from ToyotaGB on Vimeo.

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