Tesla sales in China soar to new record high in November

Production has ramped up at an impressive pace at Giga Shanghai based on the latest sales figures from China.

According to the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA), Tesla sold 21,604 units in November, a figure nearly twice as high as the previous month.

In October, Tesla sold 12,143 units in China. Even though that number was in line with the previous 3 months of sales, the more important figure was the number of cars Giga Shanghai produced that month – 22,929. While critics cited lack of demand, the main reason for the large discrepancy between production and sales were the 7,000 units sent to Europe, marking the first time Tesla has exported cars out of the country.


The records figures should not come as a big surprise if you were looking closely enough. Early in the month the online Design Studio in China was showing delivery wait times of 4-6 weeks, much higher than the typical 1-2 weeks.

With the price drop to both variants of the Model 3 that happened in early October, the large number of units set aside for export to Europe, and continued high levels of demand with local Tesla stores packed day and night, all signs were pointing to a record number of sales in November.

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