TLC Properties launches FlexDrive, a free Tesla car share program for apartment residents

A property management group in Springfield, Missouri, announced a new, and totally free, Tesla car share program for its residents.

TLC Properties announced they are offering a new car share program, Flexdrive, with a Tesla Model 3 for its Township 28 property.

Flexdrive is Lyft‘s fleet management software, and offers companies an easy to manage and govern vehicles using Lyft‘s technology.

Any resident of the property can use the vehicle free of charge for up to six hours.

Residents only need to download the Flexdrive app and register their driver’s licence and insurance.

Once approved through the app, users will be able to travel up to a 50-mile radius.

TLC Properties had this idea back in 2016 after noticing that their EV chargers on the property were not being used and were thinking outside the box.

However, it took a few years to get the infrastructure and app partner in place.

Ken Oeser, director of sales and services at TLC Properties, had this to say:

It’s just more or less pushing the customer experience and showing them this is a lifestyle and a way to live. (via Springfield News-Leader)

TLC Properties is now considering the car share program for its other properties. However, it will depend on how the Township 28 program goes and the value add for the residents.

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