Three Canadian teams among XPrize milestone round winners

Elon Musk’s XPrize Carbon Removal competition announced its fifteen early-phase “milestone round” winners on Friday.

Each winning team will receive $1 million from XPrize to continue their work.

The XPrize competition was launched to encourage the development of innovative techniques that can help reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. So far, the competition has sent out two rounds of funding.

The milestone round divided winners into air, land, ocean, and rocks.

Notably, three teams from Canada were awarded in this round.

Takachar and Safi Organics, a joint team from the University of British Columbia and Kenya, won in the land category.

In the ocean category, Planetary Technologies won.

Carbin Minerals from the University of British Columbia won in the rocks category.

Here is the full list of the winners


  • Calcite from 8 Rivers Capital – U.S.
  • Carbyon – Netherlands
  • Heirloom & Carbfix – U.S. & Iceland
  • Project Hajar – U.K.
  • Sustaera – U.S.
  • Verdox & Carbfix – U.S. & Iceland
  • Takachar and Safi Organics, University of British Columbia and Kenya


  • Bioeconomy Institute Carbon Removal Team from Iowa State – U.S.
  • Global Algae Innovations – U.S.
  • NetZero – France
  • PlantVillage from Penn State – U.S.


  • Capturafrom California Institute of Technology – U.S.
  • Marine Permaculture SeaForestation from the Climate Foundation – U.S., the Philippines & Australia
  • Planetary Technologies – Canada


  • Carbin Minerals- University of British Columbia

The funding from the XPrize comes from Elon Musk’s Musk Foundation.

You can check out the video below from XPrize that announced the winners.

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