Japanese government to promote self-driving vehicles with updated traffic laws


Japan is planning to make changes to their traffic laws that will help promote the use of self-driving vehicles on their roads.

According to a report by the Japanese newspaper Nikkei, the plans will allow for the use of level 4 autonomous vehicles on some roads.

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) defines level 4 autonomy as vehicles that do not require driver intervention, and may not have pedals or a steering wheel installed.

The changes could take place as soon as this month, and would be made to encourage services using self-driving vehicles.

Nikkei says the government wants to encourage the use of self-driving vehicles due to a shrinking workforce paired with a rise in online shopping which has made it difficult for delivery companies to hire enough workers to meet demand.

Ride-sharing services are also expected to boost interest in autonomous vehicles in Japan.

SAE updates and refines Autonomous Driving Chart

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