The Tesla Apple CarPlay hack can now work on any Tesla

If you are still waiting for Apple CarPlay to come to a Tesla and don’t mind a multi-step process with multiple pieces of hardware, you are in luck.

Developer Michal Gapinski uploaded a video on YouTube which shows him fiddling with CarPlay and watching YouTube in an Android-based interface.

Although it acts like Apple CarPlay, it is more of an Android tablet emulator that runs on Android 12 or Linux.

However, to get it running, it is going to take some hardware and some programming know-how.

The rig consists of: (

  • Two Raspberry Pi computers
  • An HDMI-to-CSI-2 adapter
  • An LTE modem and;
  • Cables to connect everything

Once you have all the gear, you will need to follow a complex series of terminal commands to set up the emulator.

Not only will you need to set up Android 12 or Linux on the Raspberry Pi.

You will also need to fiddle with the second Raspberry Pi to get the emulator working.

It is not perfect, and it is not native CarPlay, but it might be a good Sunday afternoon project for those who like to fool around with technology and have a computer background.

You can find the hardware requirements, installation guide and release notes on his website.

As well, you can check out the full 6-minute video below on his YouTube channel.

Source: MacRumors

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