Quebec Government Proposes Shift to Usage-Based Rates for EV Fast Chargers

The Quebec provincial government has unveiled draft regulations to shift from time-based to usage-based rates for electric vehicle (EV) fast chargers. The shift to usage-based billing (per kWh) comes after Measurement Canada approved the fairer billing method earlier this year and follows Circle K, Tesla, and  Charge & Go, all of which have already made the switch.

According to the draft regulations published last week, the proposed changes impact charging stations with power consumption exceeding 10 kilowatts on 24 kW chargers and 20 kW or more on higher-power chargers, and will follow a hybrid approach depending on the speed of the charger.  The proposed rates will maintain an hourly structure for stations offering speeds below 20 kW but introduce a usage-based system for higher powered charger, with rates ranging from $0.36 up to $0.52 per kWh for fast charging stations of 180kW or more.

Currently, the cost of using DC fast chargers in Quebec varies significantly, ranging from a low of $6.55 to a high of $192.20 per hour (plus taxes), according to the Montreal Gazette. Hydro-Québec’s Electric Circuit network, comprising predominantly Level 2 (7.2 kW) chargers, will remain unaffected by the transition. These chargers currently cost up to $3 per hour for charging.

The implementation of the new rates is scheduled for 2024, following a 45-day public comment period.

Here is the complete draft regulation.

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