Tesla FSD and annual Premium Connectivity subscriptions potentially coming soon to Canada

Tesla owners in Canada might finally be able to subscribe to Full Self-Driving on a month-to-month basis, and also Premium Connectivity on an annual basis, according to Tesla’s Vice President, Public Policy and Business Development Rohan Patel.

Probably two of the biggest questions we get on a regular basis here are why Tesla hasn’t launch a FSD subscription in Canada, and why the company doesn’t offer an annual subscription option for Premium Connectivity. For FSD, Tesla has been allowing customers in the United States to subscribe to the advanced driver-assist suite since mid-2021. For US199 per month. With this owners get access to all the same features as those who pay outright to own the software, which currently stands at US$12,000.

Not only does this lower the price of FSD to a more reasonable level, it also allows you to unsubscribe and re-subscribe at any time, something that many owners in Canada might find useful as they may not want to use FSD in the depths on winter, or only use it on a summer road trip.

Similarly, Tesla has been offering an annual Premium Connectivity subscription option in the US since early 2022. Instead of paying US$9.99 per month, owners can save nearly $20 by paying the full year upfront for a reduced price of $99.99. If you are unaware, Premium Connectivity provides owners with additional features and services that enhance the car’s connected capabilities, including Live Traffic Visualization, Satellite-View Maps, Caraoke, and perhaps most importantly video (e.g., Netflix), audio streaming, and internet browsing when not connected to Wi-Fi.

Despite both of these subscription options being available in the US for over two years, there has been no sign of their launch in Canada. But that will hopefully be changing soon.

On Monday, Tesla’s Vice President, Public Policy and Business Development Rohan Patel responded to Teslascope on X that he will be looking into why the FSD subscription hasn’t come to Canada, and that “unless there are legal or other blockers I don’t know about, we’ll get this done.”

In a second post on X in response to a question from Drive Tesla, Patel also confirmed he would be looking into bringing the annual Premium Connectivity subscription option to Canada.

FSD Subscription Price in Canada

If Tesla does launch FSD subscriptions in Canada, the big question is how much it will cost. As we noted above, owners in the US currently pay US$199 per month. Tesla is usually pretty good at pricing features in other countries the same as they do in the US, taking into account local currency. So that means we should expect a price of about C$270 per month in Canada.

Whether you want to subscribe or not will be a personal decision, but when you consider the current price of FSD Capability in Canada is C$16,000, you would have to subscribe for more than 59 months, or just under 5 years, for it to make more sense to purchase the software outright. That timeline will extend further if you decide to not subscribe for part of the year (i.e., during winter).

UPDATE 9:51pm PT: If you have the Hardware 2.5 self-driving computer in your car, subscribing to FSD will not get you the free upgrade to HW3 like when you purchase FSD outright, according to Tesla’s support page.
“Hardware upgrades to the Full Self-Driving computer are not included with Full Self-Driving capability subscriptions. To be eligible for FSD capability subscriptions, the FSD computer must be installed in your vehicle.”

Annual Premium Connectivity Subscription Price in Canada

Answering this question is easier, because the monthly Premium Connectivity subscription is already available in Canada for C$13.99 per month. Using the same formula as the US, we should expect to pay $139.99 for the annual subscription, a savings of nearly $30 compared to the monthly subscription.

Will you be purchasing either the FSD or Premium Connectivity subscriptions in Canada? Let us know in the comments below.

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