Next Tesla app update restoring low regen mode

Tesla Model S courtesy of TOMM W CHRISTIANSEN

Tesla temporarily released the release notes for an upcoming update to the Tesla App, and eagle-eyed observers have scrutinized the document to fish out new features. One of them is the reintroduction of low regen mode, as reported by Not A Tesla App.

The low regen mode allows the driver to modify the regenerative braking system (RBS) that EVs typically offer. However, the downside is that it may reduce driving range and more brake usage.

Tesla used to offer low and normal regen modes. However, the newer models only came with the normal mode because of the increased efficiency. But as the leaked release notes show, low regen mode is making a comeback, once again granting drivers more control.

The notes tell drivers to choose the amount of regenerative braking applied when they release the pedal. They can select Standard, which provides the maximum amount of braking, with the vehicle quickly slowing down. The other option is Low, which limits regenerative braking, with the car taking longer to slow down and coasting further than Standard.

This means drivers can gradually transition from ICEs to Teslas by adjusting the braking experience of their new EVs. However, drivers must note that the feature is a trade-off between familiarity and driving range, and overall efficiency.

Braking has put Tesla in legal trouble in the past, as two Tesla owners initiated a lawsuit over ‘Phantom Braking.’

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