Tesla’s next-gen EV to be ‘almost entirely’ autonomous

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed the next-gen EV from the company will be nearly entirely autonomous.

Musk spoke with Morgan Stanley at a conference mainly about Twitter. However, questions about Tesla and SpaceX crept in toward the end, which the boss agreed to answer.

One of the questions was about what Tesla’s next-gen vehicle would offer. It also came up during Investor Day event last week, but this time Musk provided one more detail, saying it will operate “almost entirely in autonomous mode.”

The new EV, which will be built in Tesla’s upcoming factory in Mexico, will operate in almost entirely autonomous mode. Tesla has been synonymous with Full Self-Driving and Autopilot for years. However, despite notable progress, none of Tesla’s vehicles can drive itself completely yet.

According to Tesla, Full Self-Driving Beta is still at SAE Level 2, meaning the driver must constantly supervise the car, despite features such as Automatic Emergency Braking and Traffic-Aware Cruise Control.

Besides self-driving, Musk revealed that the next-gen car should cost half the price of the Model 3, meaning it is a budget compact offering. Musk has always promised an EV that is affordable to more people. He hopes it will accelerate the shift to EVs.

Meanwhile, Musk did not offer a timeline for the next-gen car. However, Mexican government officials believe the new factory will begin producing cars next year.

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