Tesla celebrates 1 million cars delivered in Europe

Tesla has celebrated a significant milestone in Europe as it posted selling its one-millionth car on the continent. The American EV company took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to announce the achievement.

Tesla’s official X European handle thanked their customers for their support and patronage. It also recounted how it all started 14 years ago with the first shipment of the Tesla Roadster to Europe.

Tesla has come a long way in its European operation. Its Chinese hub eventually allowed European buyers to avoid waiting on Tesla’s import from the US. However, the EV company’s Giga Berlin factory means Europeans can now drive Teslas produced on their own continent.

Tesla also boasts the best-selling vehicle of any kind with the Model Y, based on sales figures for August, despite the EV belonging to the premium category.

Meanwhile, Tesla is working on a new-gen Roadster. However, the development has taken a backseat as the company focuses on making the Semi and Cybertruck available.

Tesla, however, has to face challenges from Chinese EV makers who are flooding Europe with their own EVs, including NIOXpeng, and BYD. Also fighting for a slice of the pie are traditional automakers like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen.

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