Tesla’s NACS Adopted by Honda & Acura

Honda and its premium Acura division have announced they have reached an agreement with Tesla to introduce the North American Charging Standard (NACS) port for its electric vehicles (EVs) starting in 2025. The company’s EVs  will have access to Tesla’s extensive Supercharging network in North America.

First, Honda plans to launch a new EV model equipped with an NACS port in North America in 2025, according to a company press release. After that, the Japanese automaker will continue to apply the NACS standards for its EV models.

Honda said that EV models available in North America before 2025 and that feature a Combined Charging System (CCS) port will have access to the extensive Tesla Supercharger network through the use of a charging adapter. The network includes over 12,000 charging stalls in the region and the number continues to grow.

Honda is the ninth automaker to join the Tesla NACS alliance. In May, Ford announced a partnership with Tesla, becoming the first automaker to announce a partnership with the Texas-based company. A few weeks after that, General Motors also announced a collaboration. They were followed by Volvo, Polestar, Rivian, and Nissan. Mercedes-Benz was the first German manufacturer to use the Tesla NACS system on their vehicles. In August, Fisker became the eighth automaker to join the alliance.

In August, Jay Joseph, American Honda’s Vice President of Sustainability and Business Development, said today’s public car charging companies know and understand the shortcomings of their systems. He also noted that Tesla Superchargers are an example of how to make chargers the right way.

“If you look at what’s so great about the Tesla Supercharger network, it’s the maintenance,” Joseph said. “They stay on top of it, they’ve got someone onsite monitoring the equipment, they’re monitoring it electronically and remotely, and they fix it – fast. That’s probably the most important thing.”

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