Hilton partners with Tesla to install 20,000 EV chargers at hotels across North America

Hilton has announced an agreement with Tesla that will see up to 20,000 Tesla Universal Wall Connectors will be installed at 2,000 Hilton hotels across Canada, the US, and Mexico. The project, set to begin in early 2024, will make Hilton’s planned EV charging network the largest in the hospitality sector.

According to the hotel chain, each of the 2,000 Hilton properties will feature a minimum of six Tesla Universal Wall Connectors, significantly enhancing the availability of EV charging infrastructure for travelers. The deal comes after Tesla first launched the Universal Wall Connector, designed to charge any North American EV model, just last month.

Part of the reason Hilton decided to add 20,000 EV chargers is because of increasing demand for the amenity at their hotels. In 2023, the Hilton website experienced an unprecedented surge in the growth of its EV charging search feature, going from the fourth position to the second-highest in terms of converting searches into actual stays.

As for Tesla, they welcomed the deal as they see it as a way to increase EV adoption.

“A key priority for Tesla Charging is installing low-cost, convenient AC charging anywhere electric vehicles are parked for more than an hour or two. To ensure electric vehicle adoption at scale, our joint industry goal must be to vastly improve upon the traditional gasoline vehicle ownership experience, not just meet it. Installing infrastructure at popular destinations, like Hilton hotels, enables EV owners to charge where they park, meaning no unnecessary refueling stops along their journey,” said Rebecca Tinucci, senior director of charging infrastructure, Tesla.

The exact locations of the hotels that will receive the chargers has not been determined. Hilton said it will work with its property owners to find suitable locations along roadways and in strategically important urban areas where it would be most logical for Tesla to deploy its charging stations.

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