Tesla’s Giga Mexico faces potential delay to 2026-2027, according to supplier: Report

Tesla’s plan to establish a massive factory in Mexico might be delayed until 2026 or even 2027. The news of a possible delay comes from a report citing an anonymous Chinese supplier closely associated with the project.

After Giga Mexico was announced earlier this year, initial reports indicated Tesla was hoping to start construction within weeks, with the plan to open the new factory in record time, even beating the less than one year it took to take Giga Shanghai from mud pit to operating factory.

With the rapid timeline there was a sense of urgency for Chinese companies to set up operations near Tesla’s factory in Nuevo Leon. According to one supplier, Tesla is now telling them to wait on their plans to set up shop in Mexico, as reported by local publication Reforma.

“Two or three months ago there was a lot of rush, lots of pressure to look for a location. But one month later, they told us to wait,” the source said.

While Tesla had previously hinted at beginning production in Mexico by 2025, this developments seem to indicate a more extended timeframe, if the source is accurate. Danish engineering consultancy firm Ramboll, accounting for the permitting process, suggests that the site may only be ready for construction by 2027.

It is important to remember that this report is based on one anonymous supplier, but the lack of progress at the site in Nuevo Leon is something that has been noticed by Tesla watchers. Last months there were indications that work could be starting soon, but local officials have yet to issue any permits for the new factory. As we reported last week, Tesla has submitted the environmental impact statement, in which the project is codenamed ‘Project Mario.”

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