Teslas in North America with matrix LED headlights get a software upgrade

Tesla has started rolling out its latest software update, 2024.20, and it will include an upgrade for cars in North America with matrix LED headlights. While the update does turn on a new feature, it is not the full blown adaptive headlights we have been waiting years for in Canada and the US.

Last month we told you about the software update that was going to come out after the big spring update. In an early review of the release notes, there was one new feature called “Adaptive Headlights Improvements,” which we thought was only going to be for the adaptive high beams currently only available on cars in Europe, and for which Tesla is waiting for regulatory approval to release in the US (it is already legal in Canada).

As it turns out that is still true, but Tesla is also finally turning on a feature for cars in North America with the matrix LED headlights, which has been included but stayed dormant on their vehicles for the last four years.

According to a post on X from the official Tesla account, the matrix LED headlights in cars in Canada, the US, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Korea will now adapt to automatically follow and illuminate the curve of the road as it goes around a corner.

“Headlights adapt for curves – Headlights now adapt for curves in the road ahead of you,” Tesla wrote in the post.

While this isn’t exactly new technology, and has been included on cars for well over a decade, it is the first time it has been included on a Tesla vehicle.

To know whether your car has matrix LED headlights, look for a reflector bulb on the outside of your headlight housing. If this is present, you have matrix LED headlights.


Other new features highlighted in Tesla’s post on X, and which we told you about last month, include Supercharger leaderboards for Beach Buggy Racing 2 and Hot Weather Improvements.

Tesla did say the update is “rolling out now,” but we have yet to see any reports of it appearing on customer cars. As with all of Tesla’s software updates, it will take a while to reach the entire fleet, so you may not see it for another few weeks.

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