Tesla improves adaptive headlights, adds Beach Buggy Racing leaderboards, and more in software update 2024.20

Tesla is still rolling out the big spring software update, but the details of the next update have been revealed, and Tesla is adding a number of new and improved features in the 2024.20 software update.

Beach Buggy Racing Leaderboards at Superchargers

Beach Buggy Racing has been included in the Tesla Arcade since 2019, and after more than five years of being available, the game has become a little stale for the majority of owners, despite a recent update to add the Cybertruck and Dark Helmet. In an attempt to gamify the Supercharger experience, Tesla is adding leaderboards to Beach Buggy Racing, where you can attempt to beat the times set by others who have played the game while plugged in at the Supercharger, according to the release notes shared by Not A Tesla App.

“Set the fastest lap at your local Supercharger! Drive to a Supercharger and compete in Beach Buggy Racing special races to set the fastest time on the leaderboard against other players.”

Unfortunately it appears as though these leaderboards will only be available in the US, and not in Canada.

Hot Weather Improvements

If you have been a Tesla owner for a while, you are probably very familiar with ‘Cold Weather Improvements‘ in software updates. Now Tesla is making ‘Hot Weather Improvements’ to their Auto HVAC system. If you have used the Auto setting, you will know that the HVAC system can get loud when attempting to cool the cabin. With these improvements, Tesla says the cabin will be cooled more rapidly, and also with less noise.

“This release includes AUTO HVAC improvements for hot weather. The A/C cools down the cabin faster, and maintains comfort at lower noise levels,” Tesla explains in the release notes.

Adaptive Headlight Improvements

While Tesla hasn’t yet turned on the adaptive headlight feature in North America, it is available in Europe. Previously they only worked straight ahead on high beams, but now the headlights will also turn and adjust based on the curves in the road, improving nighttime visibility and safety. Tesla says they will also “illuminate farther” when driving on a freeway.

Tesla is working to release adaptive headlights in North America, but the required regulatory approvals are arduous, according to VP Vehicle Engineering, Lars Moravy. Interestingly, adaptive headlights are legal in Canada, so Tesla could release the feature north of the border today if they wanted, but they appear to want to get approval in the US and do a simultaneous release in both countries.

The 2024.20 update will also bring the updated strike system included in the unreleased FSD v12.4 to Autopilot users. Under the old system, drivers were allowed up to five strikes (or three if their vehicle lacked a cabin camera) before their Autopilot capabilities were disabled for a week. Strikes accumulated under the threshold required for a suspension would remain on a driver’s record, typically only being cleared twice annually.

The updated system improves this process by removing one strike for every seven days in which no new strikes are received.

The 2024.20 update is still being tested internally by employees, and likely won’t see a public rollout until mid-June at the earliest.

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