Tesla adds Matrix LED headlights to Model Y Long Range, but only temporarily

Vienna Model 3 headlights

Yesterday we told you about Tesla finally adding the not-so-new wood door panels to the Model Y Long Range, a feature that was first introduced in the Model 3 over one year ago.

The new door panels are now permanently included on both the Long Range and Performance variants built on or after August 4, 2022.

Now we have learned the automaker has also made another change to the Model Y, but only to the Long Range variant. According to information obtained by Drive Tesla, matrix LED headlights are now included on some Model Y LR cars. The change is effective for cars built as of August 5, 2022.

Until now, the matrix LED headlights have only been available on the Performance variant, along with the Model 3.

However, the change is unfortunately only temporary. Tesla is currently experiencing a shortage of the non-matrix headlights, so has been forced to switch to using the matrix LED headlights.

According to information relayed to employees, Tesla does not know exactly when they will have enough supply but they are currently expecting to revert back to the old headlights sometime in October.

Given that this change entered production one day after the new door panels were introduced, we should start seeing the first deliveries with the new headlights very soon.

Let us know in the comments below if you have taken delivery of a Model Y Long Range with matrix LED headlights.

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