Tesla’s Gigafactory Shangai May Expand With New Land Acquisition

There is speculation that Tesla will be growing its electric vehicle production facility in China by acquiring nearly 114 acres next to Giga Shanghai.

Although a recent land rights’ transfer did not mention Tesla, the land’s listed intention is for electric vehicle manufacturing. As it is adjacent to Gigafactory Shanghai, it is speculated that the area will be allotted for the production of Tesla’s new vehicles, such as the $25K compact car or even the Semi.

Image via shtdsc.com

It is also speculated that the land could host a facility to produce Tesla’s custom-designed 4680 battery cells. As Gigafactory Berlin and Gigafactory Texas will eventually have their own battery facilities, the Shanghai location will likely have one as well.

As Tesla continues to build a market in China, it’s been reported that Giga Shanghai has undergone major changes. Twitter user, @bentv_sh, a drone user who has followed the facility since its development, has recently shared a photo showing the changes that include new energy vehicle power and exchange facilities.

With China’s aggressive shift to renewable energy, Tesla will likely continue to push to establish a role in the country’s energy division.

h/t: Teslarati

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