Giga Shanghai Tesla Model Y production already at 255,000/year: Report

Tesla has only been manufacturing Model Y’s at Giga Shanghai for about two months, but they have already been able to ramp up production at an impressive rate.

According to a report from the Chinese publication PC Auto, Giga Shanghai is currently pumping out 700 of the electric SUV’s every day. At an annualized rate, that’s more than 250,000 per year.

What makes the number even more impressive is that the factory currently runs just one 8 hour shift. If that were to expand to three shifts, as is typical with many car manufacturers, production would increase to more than 750,000 units per year.

Reports last year indicated the automaker was aiming to produce 550,000 vehicles at Giga Shanghai in 2021, just the second year of operation for the factory. Of those, 250,000 were expected to be Model Y’s.

In Tesla’s Q4 FY2020 report, they revealed the installed annual capacity at Giga Shanghai to be 450,000 units. They did not separate that out between Model 3 and Model Y production.

2020 production

If Tesla is already producing 700 per day, it won’t be surprising to see Giga Shanghai easily beat that estimate.

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