Tesla Registers Name & Starts Recruitment in Chile

Tesla continues its efforts to enter the South American market, starting with Chile. Documents showed that the company registered its name and began recruiting staff in the country to launch operations.

The Texas manufacturer is expanding its reach by stepping up activity in South America. According to documents found by Reuters, the company was registered and published in the Official Gazette in Chile on September 28. Tesla’s activities will include “the import, export, manufacturing, marketing, distribution and sale of vehicles, especially electric vehicles.” In addition, registration also includes the production and supply of energy and electricity as a business activity.

According to the documents, Tesla’s headquarters in Chile was registered in Santiago. However, registration leaves the possibility for “branches or agencies that may be established in other cities in the country or abroad.” This activity is the company’s first direct commercial operation in South America.

In addition, in October it became known that Tesla had already begun recruiting personnel in Chile. According to posts on LinkedIn, the company has begun hiring for positions such as general manager, sales adviser, and service technician.

The manufacturer clearly stated that the general manager would help launch the market in the country and would be the face of the brand who would play a key role in shaping the company’s corporate image while accelerating the transition to sustainable energy.

Like the General Manager, Tesla Advisors are also required for Santiago. The company is looking for self-motivated, flexible, personable, energetic, and organized individuals who will be responsible for introducing Tesla products to customers and influencers, and rapidly increasing sales of their current and future products in the market. The position of Service Technician is also located in Santiago, confirming that the company will begin its operations in the capital of Chile.

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