NTSB finds Ford’s BlueCruise was active in fatal Mach-E crash

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has released the results of their preliminary investigation into a fatal crash involving a Ford Mustang Mach-E. The agency found that Ford’s advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), BlueCruise, was active before the crash.

Last month we reported on a new investigation launched by the NTSB following a crash involving a Ford Mustang-Mach-E and Honda CRV in Texas. The crash saw the Mach-E slam into the back of the CRV, which had broken down and was stationary in the middle land of Interstate 10. Unfortunately the driver of the Mach-E, a 56-year old man from Austin, died from his injuries.

An initial investigation by police found the Mach-E driver was not intoxicated at the time of the crash, but the NTSB launched their own investigation.

According to the preliminary results of the investigation released on Thursday, BlueCruise was active before the crash.

The Ford was equipped with numerous advanced driver assistance systems, including those providing partial automation capabilities that Ford calls “BlueCruise.” Based on data obtained from the vehicle, the driver had been operating the vehicle in BlueCruise mode before the crash.


The agency also released photos of the Mach-E and CRV, showing both vehicles suffered extensive damage in the crash.

The NTSB said the crash remains under investigation to determine probable cause, and will issue safety recommendations to prevent similar crashes.

Ford advertises BlueCruise as a hands-free Level 2 autonomous driving technology that can control the vehicle’s steering, braking, and acceleration on designated pre-mapped highways under certain conditions. Ford says that with BlueCruise active you can “engage in lively conversation during your drive – air quotes and all,” and that drivers can “take in the sights on scenic drives while BlueCruise keeps an extra eye on the road.”

Credit: Ford
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