Tesla to host executive Q&A chat on new Model 3

Tesla will be hosting a livestream chat and question and answer (Q&A) session with two executives later this week, all about the new Model 3.

Tesla announced this morning on X that Chief Designer, Franz von Holzhausen, and VP Vehicle Engineering, Lars Moravy, will be part of a livestream event at 2:00pm PT on March 7, 2024. Coincidentally, or probably not, this just so happens to be the same day Rivian is unveiling their next-generation electric vehicle (EV), the R2.

The two executives will also be taking questions from fans, which you can submit through Tesla’s post on X below.

We submitted a question asking von Holzhausen and Moravy what they think is the most significant upgrade in the new Model 3 compared to the legacy model.

If you have read our in-depth review of the 2024 Model 3, in which we said it is much more than just a refresh, we think the most significant upgrade is not to something you see – the suspension.

“Tesla has put a lot of effort into refining the ride quality of the 2024 Model 3, and it is evident in the new suspension system that has been overhauled for a smoother ride, with the electric sedan absorbing road imperfections with ease and providing a more comfortable driving experience, almost akin to the ride quality of the the Model S with air suspension.”

Many fans were asking questions about when the new Model 3 Performance will be launched, but unless this is a product announcement disguised as a Q&A session, it is unlikely they will provide information until it is officially unveiled.

Both von Holzhausen and Moravy have already talked in detail about the new Model 3 in a recent YouTube video, which you can watch and read more about here.

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