Rivian 2023.34.00 Update delivers huge ride quality improvements for most users

rivian r1t
Credit: Rivian

Rivian released its latest over-the-air update, vastly improving the Rivian R1T and R1S ride quality.

Per the release notes from Rivian, the changes in improved handling and ride comfort were:

  • Increased ride comfort in All-Purpose Soft Ride mode and improved balance between ride and handling in Sport Mode.
  • Reduced abruptness when driving over sharp road impacts in all drive modes and reduced harshness when driving over bumps and dips at parking lot speeds.

The improvements really come down to a single change: the softening of the vehicle’s suspension across all drive modes and ride heights. Before the change, many Rivian owners complained about porpoising and bouncing while driving, especially down uneven roads, according to Autoevolution.

With the change, many Rivian owners were delighted and took to social media to celebrate the latest update. However, not every Rivian owner is happy with the changes. Those who enjoy off-roading and other die-hard truck activities were less satisfied and noted the new setup is now too soft for their liking.

In addition to the ride comfort improvements, the update also provided:

  • New set speed option for Highway Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control
  • New phone call features
  • New drive mode option in the Rivian App Trip Planner
  • New screen clean future
  • Other additional improvements
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