Tesla updates mobile app to add subscription options

Tesla has quietly made a change to their mobile app today, indicating some new features could be coming soon.

The change didn’t require an actual update to the app. Instead Tesla made some changes to the website the app connects to to add a new ‘Subscribe’ tab in the Upgrades section. A similar change was made to the actual Tesla website earlier this year.

mobile appClicking on the “Manage Upgrades” link at the bottom of the page takes you to all your current subscriptions. If you don’t already subscribe to Premium Connectivity, you can now do so within the app. Previously this required logging in to your Tesla account online.

Full Self-Driving (FSD) and Autopilot also appear on this page, but unfortunately the FSD subscription option is not yet active.

app subscribe pc
Image via @WholeMarsBlog /Twitter

These additions are likely in preparation for that. Elon Musk’s latest timeline for the arrival of the FSD subscription was on May 12 when he said it would be releasing “in about a month.”

This actually isn’t the first time we have seen the subscription option in the app. Last year Tesla fan Callum was able to reverse engineer the app to discover the new tab.

Callum has recently done more digging into the app and revealed information about a number of new features for the subscription option, as well as Tesla Insurance.

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