Cybertruck with “Completed Crash Ready” marking spotted in Arkansas

Tesla Cybertruck spotted in Arkansas courtesy of brandenflasch on Twitter 1
Credit: @brandenflasch | X

Excitement has been rippling through the Tesla fan base thanks to preparations for Cybertruck deliveries. Adding fuel to the excitement are public sightings of the electric pickup truck. The latest reported sighting is in Arkansas, where they were transported on the back of a trailer. One of the Cybertrucks curiously was tagged with “completed crash ready.”

The words appeared on the driver’s window, with the front bumper covered in thick white plastic. However, exactly what the label meant is unknown. This was complicated because there were other less-readable words on the label.

The white plastic cover could be protecting the front bumper from scratches during the journey, in which case it would have no real significance.

The Cybertruck-bearing trailer was found in Lonoke, about eight hours’ from Giga Austin. If the consignment was meant for the IIHS testing place in Virginia, then it had 13 hours more to go. However, it is possible the Cybertrucks were on a return trip to Giga Texas.

More photos of the Cybertruck might be uploaded to the internet as keen Tesla fans look out for this trailer-full of Cybertrucks on its journey. Other watchers have spotted a new wheel design.

We reported an accumulation of Cybertrucks outside Giga Texas, indicating possible impending deliveries.

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