Tesla fan reverse engineers mobile app to reveal new details about FSD subscription and Tesla Insurance

In September last year a Tesla fan by the name of Callum uncovered evidence of the Full Self-Driving (FSD) subscription service by reverse engineering the mobile app.

Now Callum has uncovered a trove of new information about some exciting new options Tesla owners will hopefully be seeing soon.

Full Self Driving (FSD) Subscription

One of the most highly anticipated features Tesla owners are waiting for is the reveal of the pricing for the FSD subscription model. While no such information was found by Callum, he was able to find that the app looks almost complete and it should be launching soon. This lines up with Elon Musk’s latest timeline when he said in May it would be releasing “in about a month.

Callum was able to find evidence of monthly billing periods, but that could change based information he received from another source about weekly, or even six month subscription options.

Many owners who don’t want to pay the full price for FSD but rather buy a subscription for a week-long road trip might see their wishes comes true. Callum also found evidence of a “weekend mode” and “travel mode”, suggesting there might be different tiers of the subscription model.

Some other details he was able to uncover was that it appears owners will be able to change their minds and request a subscription refund, but only within a certain amount of time. This will likely be similar to refunds on upgrades like the Acceleration Boost and FSD which can be refunded within 48 hours, but only once.

Tesla Insurance

Although Tesla Insurance is only available in California right now, the automaker is preparing to expand into several other states. If and when it does, it looks like there will be some new features within the mobile app.

The biggest will be a new ‘Safety Ratings’ section which will track your driving behaviour and be linked directly to your insurance. Things that will be tracked include:

  • Number of hours driven
  • How often you use AutoPilot
  • ABS events
  • Forward collision warnings
  • Autosteer strikeouts
  • Accelerator variance, and many more

All of these metrics will be tracked on both a per-trip and monthly basis which owners will be able to see in a new graphical interface.

These safety ratings will feed into another new feature called a ‘Simulator’. Within this section you can see the impacts on your premium by adjusting several different factors which in turn impact your safety rating. These include:

  1. ABS Activation – Number of times ABS is activated

  2. Hours Driven – Average daily driving time

  3. Forced Autopilot Disengagements – Number of times Autopilot is disabled due to ignored alerts

  4. Forward Collision Warnings – Number of times car detects a potential forward collision

  5. Unsafe Following Time – Portion of time spent at an unsafe following distance

  6. Intensity of Acceleration and Braking – Speed variance due to extreme acceleration and braking. Shown on a scale from 0-10 as measured against Tesla’s internal fleet.

Callum was also able to find this image showing the different assets used for each.

Simulator images
Image via Callump01 /Twitter

We don’t know yet when these features will appear. It will likely coincide with the release of the completely redesigned mobile app, which has been rumoured for several months now and could come at the same time as the release of the Model S Plaid on June 10.

Stay tuned for more!

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