Tesla to release yoke with improved materials later this summer

Tesla is planning to release a new and improved yoke steering wheel later this summer that will hopefully address the peeling issues numerous owners have been faced with. The new yoke is scheduled for a release in July 2023, although that timeline could change as it was originally supposed to be released last month.

When Tesla released the refresh Model S and Model X in 2021, the most controversial feature of the new design was the yoke steering wheel. Its unconventional shape, and lack of steer-by-wire technology, resulted in many complaints from owners that it was not practical for everyday driving. Tesla eventually listened to that feedback and now offers a traditional round steering wheel as standard, and a retrofit for existing owners.

However the practicality of the yoke wasn’t the only complaint. Soon after its release owners began complaining the vegan leather on the yoke were wearing through and peeling off, sometimes as soon as within a month or two of taking delivery. Tesla did offer goodwill replacements, but a replacement yoke didn’t stop the issue from recurring.

The issue is serious enough that Tesla has reworked the yoke steering wheel and will soon be releasing a new version with “improved materials,” according to messages from Tesla Service technicians.

According to one message received in January 2023 by TMC user pdubs, this new yoke will feature “larger leather,” and was originally supposed to be released in March 2023. That date has since slipped to July 2023, based on a separate message received this week by Redditor u/Global_Chaos.

Based on the wording of the first message back in January in which the technician said “larger leather,” Tesla could be reverting back to using real leather on the yoke steering wheel instead of the vegan leather that is currently causing the issues. This is likely not to be the case however as Tesla has made a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, and this is reflected in the materials they choose to use in their vehicles. Leather production is a resource-intensive process that involves significant amounts of water and energy usage, as well as the use of harmful chemicals.

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