Tesla Cybertruck Foundation Series production ending soon

Tesla will soon end production of Foundation Series Cybertrucks, and shift to production of the non-Foundation Series, or “regular” Cybertrucks, which should translate into lower prices.

Tesla launched the Cybertruck in late November last year, delivering 10 units to the first customers at a special delivery event at Giga Texas. However, there was a bit of a catch, as the first units rolling off the line where Foundation Series Cybertrucks, which came with a bunch of extra goodies and accessories and a laser-etched badge, but also a US$20,000 premium over the regular pricing, pushing the tri-motor Cyberbeast to US$120,000.

Six months into production and Tesla had given no indication on the exact number of Foundation Series Cybertrucks that will be built, but it looks like time is running out to get your hands on one.

At the Shareholder Meeting on Thursday, CEO Elon Musk said Tesla will end Foundation Series production “pretty soon,” and that non-Foundation Series production would begin sometime in the next quarter, or sometime between July and September.

This is good news for Cybertruck buyers in the US, as this should unlock the regular pricing. The most popular trim, the All-Wheel Drive (AWD) will drop from US$99,990 to US$79,990, and the Cyberbeast will be US$99,990, compared to US$119,990 right now. The Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) variant, which hasn’t started production and won’t until 2025, will be priced at US$60,990.

Meanwhile for those in Canada, it may not be good news, if you wanted a Foundation Series. Tesla is still working through the regulatory process with Transport Canada to get the Cybertruck certified to sell north of the border. The most recent update came from lead engineer Wes Morrill who said progress continues, and that the next update will come “when we have a high confidence date to go live in the configurator.”

Given that Foundation Series production could end as soon as next month, the chances are slim Canadians will be able to buy a Foundation Series Cybertruck.

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