Tesla to build factory in China to manufacture Superchargers

Tesla has submitted documents to Chinese officials indicating they plan to start manufacturing their Superchargers at a new facility in Shanghai.

The automaker first started manufacturing their Superchargers at their facility in Fremont, California before moving production to Giga New York.

With the number of Superchargers increasing around the world, now totalling more than 20,000, Tesla plans to invest ¥42 million ($8.3M CAD) in a new factory near Giga Shanghai, according to documents seen by Reuters.

Plans call for the facility to be complete in February 2021, and will have an annual production rate of 10,000 Superchargers.

Tesla is currently looking to expand the Supercharger network in Vancouver and Toronto. The automaker recently opened a new website that allows any property owner to submit an application to become a Supercharger host.

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