Lebanese automaker Electra to unveil their first EV later this year

EV Electra is a Lebanese based company that has their sights set on the electric vehicle (EV) market. They announced plans yesterday to unveil their first EV, the Electra QUDS, in Q2 2020.

Mr. J Mohammad, the founder of EV Electra says the idea for the car came from studying the current EV marketplace. He believes that the EV’s are either too expensive for the average consumer, or not appealing in their looks.

To solve that problem, Mohammad created EV Electra, and from there the Electra QUDS was born. The EV will, according to Mohammad, will be ranked as a supercar but affordable enough for the “medium budget client”.

The car is built on a skateboard chassis with push-rod suspension and dual permanent magnet motors. The driver will be able to select different driving modes, Performance Mode and Range Mode, and also be able to select between rear wheel drive and all wheel drive.

Electra QUDS platform

Depending on which mode is chosen, initial estimates are for anywhere between 500km to 800km in range. In Performance Mode, it will be able to reach 50km/h in 1.4 seconds, and 100km/h in just 2.8 seconds thanks to carbon fiber body panels bolted on super light aluminium chassis.

The car will come with 20″ lightweight forged aluminum wheels as standard, and feature regenerative braking. The interior will have a 16″ touchscreen display, as well as a separate driver display. Despite being a 2-door EV, it will also be able to accommodate 4 adults. For charging, it will have an on-board 11.5kW max (48 amp) charger.

Electra QUDS interior

There are no details available yet on pricing, or when the first cars will be delivered. The company is not planning any mega factory plant, but instead will manufacture in
micro factories in different regions.

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