Another automaker kills one of their EVs as Honda pulls the plug on the Clarity

Honda has announced this week it will no longer be producing the Clarity electric vehicle (EV) after a huge drop in sales in 2019.

The Clarity, which debuted at the New York International Auto Show in 2017, has struggled to gain any kind of EV market share. The likely killer of the Clarity was its poor range, rated at just 143km (89 miles). It was also only available in California, where customers were only able to lease the EV.

Sales of the Clarity were initially fairly strong, selling over 3,000 units in December 2018. But it has been rough sailing since then, with only 11,654 sales in all of 2019, down 42% from the previous year.

Honda told Car and Driver they will instead focus their efforts on their next generation of EV’s, which have yet to be announced.

While Honda will be discontinuing the Clarity EV, the Japanese automaker will continue to manufacture the hydrogen fuel-cell and plug-in hybrid versions of the vehicle.

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